Studying in Sapporo

Substantial support

Knowhow acquired from accepting countless international students is used to help the students.

Everyday life support

To help international students spend a safe and comfortable university life, support is provided not only by the university at which they are studying, but also by administrative agencies. There are also numerous citizens’ groups that provide support for city residents from overseas, offering language training support, healthcare interpretation services and the like.

Major support groups

Sapporo International Communication Plaza

International Student Center

Sapporo International Student Center provides good-quality comfortable accommodation for international students. As well as a dormitory with 39 rooms for single students and 11 rooms for families, the facility is also equipped with a gym, lounge and study room. Events in which international students and local residents can interact are also held, providing opportunities for students from overseas to meet Japanese people.

Extracurricular support

To get the most out of your life while studying overseas, it’s necessary to spend the time outside of schoolwork as meaningfully as possible. In Sapporo, lots of events are held in which there are opportunities for international students to interact with local residents through recreational activities, as well as events that provided opportunities to meet other international students in the city.

Employment support

For international students who wish to continue living in Japan while working for a Japanese company after graduating, each university has its own employment counseling, and provides a variety of support. The City of Sapporo also provides help for international students who are looking to work for companies in the city or in other parts of Hokkaido.

Sapporo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Asian Bridge Program

As more and more companies from Sapporo and Hokkaido look to make inroads into Asia, human resources to act as bridges between Hokkaido and Asia are necessary, prompting the implementation of joint recruitment seminars and employment support aimed at international students. Many international students have been employed by companies in Sapporo and Hokkaido, through initiatives carried out by this program to date.