Business Information

Sapporo as a business base

A city with a stable business environment and high level of collective capabilities as a business base

Reasonable costs

Compared with other major Asian cities, office rent prices in Sapporo are reasonable. In addition, labor costs in Japan are more stable than in other Asian countries where labor costs continue to rise due to economic growth. In Sapporo, in particular, relatively inexpensive and excellent talent can be hired, making it possible to conduct efficient business management.

Sufficient and talented labor force

Sapporo, which has the fifth largest population in Japan, is a central city with 2.5 million residents in its metropolitan area, where approximately 45% of Hokkaido’s population is concentrated. In addition, there are numerous educational institutions in the city, and talented local residents support the competitiveness of companies there.

The number of universities in Sapporo is listed as being in the upper ranks of cities in Japan. Furthermore, Sapporo is home to many science and technology universities, cultivating a wide range of human resources in fields such as liberal arts, science and engineering, and medical science.

Low risk, high stability

The foundation of growth is business sustainability. Climate change, natural disaster, country risk … In these times of increased uncertainty, stability in business is even more important. Sapporo provides an environment in which risk management costs can be reduced, enabling companies to concentrate on business. A stable business environment makes further growth possible.

A transparent administration and reliable legal stability
A stable political and social environment in which patent infringement is rare, and in which strikes do not occur frequently.

Japan is seen to have many earthquakes, but the latest studies show the risk of earthquakes in Sapporo to be extremely low.

Convenient traffic access

It takes 37 minutes to travel from Sapporo Station to the ever-expanding New Chitose Airport, Hokkaido’s gateway to the sky. In addition to being connected to other major domestic airports, it has international terminals where many regular overseas routes for Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok and Singapore as well as international charter flights are in service, enabling it to serve numerous functions as a gateway to the world. It is also an airport that operates around the clock while providing late-night air cargo flight services, thereby making it possible to construct speedy logistics systems.

※Please check each airline's website for more details as some routes may be cancelled.