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Sapporo’s attractions are best known by the enterprises that operate here.

Crypton Future Media, INC.

Hiroyuki Itoh

The high-value contents of Hokkaido, all in one industry

Our company, known for its VOCALOID software such as Hatsune Miku and the like, is a Sapporo-based company specializing in the sound-related business. It was established 20 years ago, and now boasts the top share of sound effects sales in Japan. We develop software, services, and creative spaces for game and image creators. Our role is that of a sort of “metacreator” – or a creator for creators.
Nowadays, regardless of whether you’re in Tokyo or Sapporo, everyone has access to the same information. But in Japan and overseas, too, I think each city has its own original atmosphere. In Sapporo there are four seasons – it’s refreshing in summer and there’s snow in winter. It’s a dynamic atmosphere where you can sense nature, despite it being a big city. This is not found in other regions, and the calmness is what makes Sapporo an ideal environment for thinking about things. There are a lot of high-level human resources, and I think that makes it a suitable place for creative businesses.
In Hokkaido there are lots of contents that can be linked to business, and “Hokkaido” itself has tremendous value overseas, especially in Asia. There’s so much potential for those looking to expand their businesses, to make the most of the region’s enterprises and human resources and create additional value from the contents that Hokkaido possesses.