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Sapporo’s attractive living environment

Urban functions and natural environments merge to form an extremely creative city

The safety of Japanese quality, and more

A different “Japan” to that of Tokyo: Sapporo promises a safe, comfortable, high-quality lifestyle

As you may well know, Japan is one of the safest countries in the world. What’s more, Sapporo is one of the most livable cities in Japan; it is a compact city that boasts abundant natural surroundings and a lifestyle-supporting infrastructure, including a convenient transportation network, international schools, and healthcare facilities where foreign languages are spoken.

Is the cost of living in Japan really expensive?

One of the appeals of Sapporo is its reasonable cost of living. Japan is known throughout the world for its high prices, but the cost of living in Sapporo is much lower than in Tokyo. When the additional cost of comfort and safety in less expensive cities is taken into account, the actual cost of living in Sapporo, which is inherently comfortable and safe, is certainly not expensive at all.

Experience an exciting diet

Hokkaido is Japan’s most prolific producer of agricultural and marine products. Many tourists visit Sapporo to enjoy the delicious food that’s available.

Day-to-day life filled with music and art

Sapporo constantly maintains a high level of cultural activity; the city boasts Moerenuma Park, which is based on the designs left behind by world-renowned American sculptor Isamu Noguchi as his last piece of work; not to mention the Pacific Music Festival (PMF), an international music festival established by one of the most famous conductors of the 20th century, Leonard Bernstein; and SAPPORO CITY JAZZ, one of Japan’s largest jazz festivals, which attracts some of the world’s top artists from home and abroad.

The surrounding nature beckons on days off

The nearby Niseko area is a ski resort that boasts some of the world’s finest powder snow. Other activities in the surrounding areas include golf, trekking, camping, marine activities and fishing. An environment that enables you to refresh yourself amid the natural surroundings whenever you desire makes Sapporo an even more attractive place to live.

Call Center support

The City of Sapporo has established a Call Center (+81-11-222-4894)( provide support for a comfortable life in Sapporo. Open throughout the year, services are available in English, Chinese and Korean. In addition, The Sapporo International Communication Plaza ( also provides information for foreigners living in Sapporo, and organizes intercultural exchange projects for Japanese and foreign residents.